VIP Protection

VIP Protection EW Solution

Specializing in EW systems, Netline offers a comprehensive approach for VIP protection by blocking hostile transmissions used for the purpose of IED detonation and drone attacks around VIPs. d

Netline provides high-profile VIPs (i.e., heads-of-state, state officials) a broad, holistic security plan designed to meet the different challenges arising from a VIP’s flexible, hectic schedule starting with protecting the VIP’s residence from drone intrusion, through close protection while on the move, up to securing a sterile arena around the VIP throughout public appearance.

The SDR based technology, utilized in our jamming systems, enables full flexibility and scalability in customizing jamming bands to suit the environment. The solution is tailored to accurately fit the needs of the operational scenario, vehicle type, installation requirements, etc.

VIP Security
VIP Security

Integrated Solution for C-IED & C-Drone Defense

Netline offers an integrated solution for both securing the airspace around the protectee, from drone intrusion, and for securing the VIP’s route on land from RCIED.
As the VIP is in transit, Netline’s vehicle mounted (VM) system, the C-Guard VM, provides protection against RCIED detonation by continuously transmitting jamming signals as the convoy is on-the-move, in a radius of hundreds of meters.

As the C-Guard VM system protects the convoy on land, the DroneNet system provides aerial protection, denying drones’ attacks and/or intelligence gathering.
Once the VIP has reached its destination (whether its residents or during public appearance), our C-Drone solution, the DroneNet, provides the VIP low-profile drone protection to VIPs, whether in open or dense urban environments.

With 24/7 passive detection capabilities, the system detects & identifies the drone once an intrusion attempt is made. The identification process is based on the drone’s spectral signature (compared to a pre-stored signatures DB), being completely agnostic to the drone’s protocol data, with nearly no false alarms. A safety zone of up to one (1) km from the target (may vary in certain arenas) is maintained, enabling an appropriate alert & response time.

The DroneNet platform is available in several configurations designed to provide the VIP both stationary and on-the-move drone protection.

In the event of multiple threats (drone swarms) the system executes simultaneous jamming, of multiple drones & RCIED.


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