VIP Protection

VIP Holistic EW Protection

Protecting a VIP and high-profile personnel is a highly important yet complicated mission. 

As a company specializing in electronic warfare systems, Netline offers a comprehensive approach to VIP protection by jamming hostile transmissions used to trigger IEDs or launch drone attacks around highly protected people. 

Our holistic approach provides complete spectrum defence in different scenarios and locations that might compromise the life of the protected VIP, whether in their residential compound, on their vehicle convoy, during public appearance or any other needed close personal protection.  

Netline methods and technology abilities create a safe virtual dome around the VIP and its’ entourage – keeping them safe from hostile drones or the detonation of IEDs – on the ground and from above.

On-The-Move or Fixed Installation Solutions

Our multi-configurated systems allow Netline to suit each solution to the specific needs of each protectee, taking all relevant factors into account. We offer flexible, on-the-move, rapid deployment systems to fit hectic or unexpected events alongside permanent, fixed installations to suit residential and office complexes. 

Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR), utilized in our C-Guard jamming systems, enables total flexibility and scalability in customizing jamming bands to suit the environment. 

Integrated Defence from IED & Drone Threats

Netline integrated solution secures both the airspace around the protectee from drone attacks or intrusion and its route on land from remote-controlled IEDs.

While on the move, Netline’s C-Guard vehicle-mounted system  provides robust protection against IED detonation by continuously transmitting jamming signals within hundreds of meters.

In the aerial spectrum, our DroneNet, counter-drone systems, deny drone attacks and intelligence gathering.

VIP Security
VIP Security

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