Military Forces

Special Operations Forces (SOF)

Special Operations (SO) encompass the use of elite units in military operations focusing both on strategic and tactical objectives. Special forces are trained to execute unconventional operations by air, land, or sea during missions in the enemy’s territory. The designated activities of SF units are unconventional warfare, Direct Action, Information Operations (i.e., EW operations), Counterterrorism, Special Reconnaissance, Foreign Internal Defense, Civil Affairs and more.  

Special Forces employ a variety of tactics, sophisticated technology, and rigorously trained teams. EW countermeasures play a pivotal role in special operations activities (mainly in the military arena) providing tactical self-protection for the ground forces. The main challenge is to provide frontline forces with technological edge over the enemy and maximum security on enemy-controlled areas during direct-actions operations.

The equipment used by SF units must be ultra- powerful, small & easily carried, and being ready to operate “on-call”. Military systems must present the highest level of performance, without any compromise on the robustness of the system, which is required to withstand harsh environmental conditions often characterizing SO. As such, SO equipment requires constant innovation to tackle the ever-emerging threats.

Specializing in EW systems, Netline offers a comprehensive approach for securing ground forces by providing the force in action a virtual “protective dome”, denied of any unwanted communication (RC-IEDs, Drones, Cellular Communication, etc.).

Netline offers a complete line of jamming systems with a variety of solutions suited to the ever-changing operational environments, meeting the strictest military standards (MIL STD).

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