Communication Jamming

C-Block Woodpecker – Mini & Tactical Airborne Jammer 

Communication Jamming Importance in the Battlefield

Tactical warfare relies heavily on radio frequency communication as a means of coordination between forces and their commanding officers and headquarters. It enables real-time information exchange, coordination of movements, provides strategic guidance, intelligence, and critical decision-making support to the forces engaged in combat.

By maintaining reliable and secure connections with the command centre, forces can stay connected, adapt to changing circumstances, and respond swiftly to emerging threats. Therefore, jamming the communication plays a vital role in controlling offensive actions, hostile activities, and even prevent terror attacks, where devices such as point-to-point radios, cellular phones, and other communication tools are frequently employed.


The C-Block Woodpecker Light – A Mini UAS Jamming Pod

Controlling the radio frequency spectrum in real time holds significant operational importance in tactical warfare and provides a substantial advantage on the battlefield. 

As a pioneer in the field of communication jamming, Netline’s Woodpecker Light system was designed to deny the enemy’s communication channels by gaining control over the spectrum, preventing adversaries from coordinating their activities effectively and disrupting their command structures.

The Woodpecker Light system is integrated into the customer’s mini-UAV platform enabling it to jam frequency bands according to operational needs. Being an airborne system, the Woodpecker allows communication jamming above and within the enemy’s territory in conflict zones. 


C-Block Woodpecker Light Main Features: 

  • Enabling stand-in communication jamming capabilities in conflict zones and enemy territories. 
  • An effective communication jamming on relevant frequency bands between 20MH and 8GHz – including cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite phones and GPS.  
  • Small and lightweight custom-made UAV pod.
  • Low power consumption for longer flight duration.
  • Controlled remotely by Netline’s management & control software.


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