Bomb Disposal (EOD)

Portable Counter IED System for EOD Missions

Remote Controlled IEDs (RCIED) continue to be the weapon of choice for adversaries, terrorists, and insurgents, either with the IED as an only threat or within a hybrid complex scenario. IEDs are a proven weapon mainly in asymmetrical warfare and as such, SOF must employ elite EOD teams to support the SF on their goals.

EOD teams and other Bomb Disposal units are risking their lives daily, undertaking complex, surgical missions designed to clear explosive hazards in any environment, whether on land or water.  

In addition to the vast expertise of EOD teams, their mission must rely on entirely reliable, resilient systems to counter RCIEDs and ensure safety of the teams.

Specializing in RF signal jamming, Netline offers a comprehensive approach for preventing activation of IED, utilizing a full coverage Counter IED jamming systems suited to the ever-changing operational environment.

The C-Guard RD (Rapid Deployment) is a portable jamming system designed for both military and homeland security markets. The C-GUARD RD is a transportable, ruggedized jammer designed to support bomb disposal squads during EOD missions & roadblocks, ground forces on the battlefield and anti-terror missions. The jammer creates a virtual “Protective Dome” around the protected area and team, isolating the protectee from hostile communication designed to remotely detonate RCIED within that area.

The RD system is comprised of the same building blocks as Netline’s C-Guard VM (Vehicle-Mounted) system bringing the capabilities of a powerful, flexible vehicular jamming system into a portable system, housed in a trolley-style case, and suited to the dynamic operational environment.

Main Features

  1. Active/Reactive/Hybrid jamming technology. 
  2. Covers threats in the range of 20-6000 MHz including VHF / UHF, all cell phone standards (2G, 3G, 4G), ISM, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth and satellite phones.
  3. Easily deployed, carried by a single person 
  4. Multiple jamming schemes: barrage, sweep, spot, and complex waveforms
  5. Simultaneously blocks multiple threats.
  6. Very low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), no periodic maintenance required.
  7. Based on an SDR platform, enabling DDS / AWG signal generation
  8. Zeroize function to delete sensitive data from the system.

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