Bomb Disposal through RF Jamming 

Portable Counter IED Solutions for EOD Missions

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) play a significant role in civil crimes, military missions, and terror attacks.  

Neutralizing an IED and other remotely controlled explosive devices requires high-end technologies alongside traditional methods used by highly trained professionals and specialized teams like EOD units. 


Field Proven Products

As a company that has been a pioneer in offering complete protection against IED threats with reactive jamming capabilities, Netline provides a comprehensive approach for preventing the activation of IEDs, utilizing complete coverage jamming systems suited to the ever-changing operational environment. 

Our field-proven products allow bomb disposal teams to safely approach the suspicious item and prevent its activation by blocking its signals. Our products are based on Netline’s SDR platform, enabling flexibility and adapting jamming strategies to specific regions’ conflict zones and threats.

Netline’s systems can cover threats in the range of 20 MHz to 6GHz, including VHF/UHF, all cell phone standards (2G, 3G, 4G,5G), ISM, Wi-Fi and satellite phones. For EOD challenges, we offer two solutions from the C-Guard product line – The C-Guard Micro – for immediate and tactical neutralization and the C-Guard ManPack for military missions and complicated IED scenarios.

C-Guard ManPack

Lightweight, portable counter IED backpack 

Our C-Guard RJ ManPack provides on-the-move, safe, reactive, tactical protection against IED activation. The C-Guard Manpack is designed to be carried on the back or on a trolley by one person, enabling entrance to every scenario with no limitation. 

Primarily designed for military combat units, the Manpack provides reactive and hybrid jamming for every threat in the 20MHz to 6GHz range. The system operates with rechargeable, hot-swappable batteries – enabling continuous operation to protect the teams in the field. 

For more information and technical features on the C-Guard ManPack >> 

C-Guard Micro

Full Coverage Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Jamming Unit

The C-Guard Micro is a compact, full-coverage jamming unit designed for military forces and law enforcement agencies to support bomb disposal squads during EOD missions.

Based on the C-Guard family’s proven, reliable, and advanced technology, the C-Guard Micro is exceptionally small, weighing approximately 2.5kg and can be carried by a single person or an EOD robot. When carried by an EOD robot, the system supports remote operation for switching the system on/off and changing the mission profile in real-time, enabling interoperability between the robot and the jammer.

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