Rapid Deployment Counter Drone Solution

Tactical, Three-Layered Counter Drone System 

Netline’s DroneNet Rapid Deployment (RD) is a portable Counter-Drone defence solution designed to protect against drones for both military & HLS markets.

Our unique technology creates a protective dome of three layers:


The use of drones for different attack missions is increasing sharply, posing a major challenge to military compounds, law enforcement and homeland security agencies. Area protection has become much more challenging with threats not only on land, but also from the sky.
The DroneNet Rapid Deployment Counter Drone protective envelope consists of three defence layers (detection, tracking and jamming) operating sequentially in real-time and activated automatically upon threat detection, with each layer capable of operating as a stand-alone system and interfacing with other defence systems. The System is easily transportable and can be quickly deployed by the tactical operating team. Netline’s RD solution is MIL-STD 810 compliant.


Drone Detection & Identification

The DroneNet sensor scans the spectral environment and searches for potential threats. Preloaded spectral signatures of commercially available drones are used as the system’s database, allowing the system to look for activity patterns corresponding to the stored signatures. Once a match is found, the command & control console alerts a drone has been detected, as well as its type, enabling an appropriate response time for mitigation.


Drone Tracking (Localization)

Tracking of intruder drones is achieved by utilizing a Direction-Finding (DF) sensor, continuously scanning and analysing the spectrum for drone’s spectral signatures. Upon detection of a drone, the DroneNet DF sensor calculates the direction of the threat relative to the antenna’s position, based on the signals transmitted by the drone. 
Measurements from two or more DF sensors, deployed in different locations, are triangulated to determine the precise location of the drone.


Drone Mitigation (Jamming)

Upon detection, the drone jamming segment blocks the communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands, as well as the GNSS signal used by the drone. Netline’s DroneNet jammer covers all potential drone frequencies and disabling the drone’s control & telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control over the drone. The Jammer blocks the video downlink transmission and the drone’s navigation & stabilization capabilities.

Defending Homeland Security  

The rapid drone revolution poses a major challenge also to domestic law enforcement and homeland security.  Along with the global rise in asymmetric conflicts between state forces and terror organizations, the use of drones for different missions putting homeland security in risk, is also increasing. Whether it domestic terrorism or transnational terrorism, the engagement of drones poses a much more dynamic, complex, and unexpected threat.

Protecting VIP convoys and public appearances, crowd control, sensitive compound protection (i.e., airports, gas rigs, critical infrastructures) and other HLS missions, have become much more challenging with threats not only on land, but also from the sky.


The DroneNet Platform

Netline’s DroneNet platform offers a multi-layered, counter drone solution for Detection, Localization and Mitigation of hostile drones, providing a safe environment for strategic compounds, for police forces during different operations and for high-profile officials. The DroneNet system creates a virtual protection dome over the tactical forces, preventing unauthorized drones to compromise the target. The DroneNet sensor & jammer are installed in transportable, ruggedized trolley-style cases, for operation in harsh weather conditions meeting military standards requirements.

Counter Drone RD’s Main Features

  1. Covers all drone threats simultaneously;
    433MHz, 800/900MHz, GNSS, 2.4GHz, 5.1/5.8GHz
  2. Does not require line of sight to the drone
  3. Agnostic to the drone’s data
  4. Nearly zero false alarm rate is achieved by using an SDR SIGINT receiver
  5. Wi-Fi drone’s sensor enabling the detection and identification by analysing the Wi-Fi protocol 

MIL-STD-810F/G Compliance

Temp. (501.5, 502.5), Vibrations (514.6), Rain (506.5), Humidity (507.5), Dust (510.5), Sand (510.5)

The DroneNet product line provides a holistic EW solution for Counter Drone defence and is available in multiple configurations.

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