C-GUARD Rapid Deployment

C-GUARD Rapid Deployment (RD) System 

Netline’s C-Guard Rapid Deployment (RD) jamming solution is a portable system designed to jam improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and drone threats. The C-Guard RD is housed in a rugged trolley-style case which can be wheeled by one person or carried in a vehicle, providing IED protection in operational scenarios.

Our rapid deployment solution was designed for both military and homeland security forces helping them to secure key compounds or isolate their protectee from hostile factors that might remotely detonate explosive devices or operate malicious drones – thus dangering their lives.


Modular System for Maximum Flexibility

The C-Guard RD is based on a modular, flexible architecture to enable maximum flexibility for different scenarios. The system consists of 4 to 8 independent, compact, and lightweight modules that can be slid in and out of their slot in the system chassis. Each module can cover a different frequency band and be integrated with new bands according to specific mission requirements. 


C-GUARD Rapid Deployment Uses & Technology

Based on Netline’s latest Software Defined Radio (SDR), the C-Guard rapid deployment enables configuration for various threats in the range of 20MHz and 8GHz. This technology ensures the system can be constantly updated and adapted to any operational environment.

The C-Guard Rapid Deployment is optimal for supporting VIP protection during public appearances, anti-terror missions, raids, bomb squads at roadblocks, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) units and other life-risking scenarios. 

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C-Guard RD Main Features:

  • Reactive (or hybrid) protection with full coverage in the range of 20MHz – 8GHz, including VHF / UHF, all cellular standards, Wi-Fi and satellite phones. 
  • Modular system – the slider modules are easily exchangeable; therefore, the system has no downtime to repair.
  • Each module is a self-contained independent jammer covering different frequency bands.


C-Guard RD Additional Benefits:

  • Based on Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR), the C-Guard RD system can be updated and adapted to support new emerging threats.
  • Each of the system’s modules covers different bands and can be loaded with multiple jamming profiles.
  • Electromagnetic & radio interference compatibility to ensure full communication between the forces in the field.
  • No periodic maintenance is required.
  • Zeroize function to wipe sensitive data from the system.
  • Easily deployed and can be carried by a single person for dynamic operational anti-terror missions.
  • Easily upgradeable to support emerging threats and new frequencies.
  • Remote control or tablet-based unit to elect mission profile (IED, Drones or combined mode).
  • MIL-STD compliant to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Good To Know

Netline’s C-Guard Rapid Deployment (RD) jamming solution is based on Netline’s Vehicle slider – bringing the capabilities of a powerful and flexible jamming system into a portable one. Therefore our system can be delivered in different configurations according to your needs. If you need more powerful protection under harsh environmental conditions – contact us for the best solution. 

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