Heads of the state, politicians, senior military officials and other VIP’s – are all secured 24/7 by armed, skilled teams, trained to deal with a wide range of threats intended to harm and possibly assassinate the protectee as they are on the move.

The VIP and his/her entourage are most vulnerable when there is an unexpected deviation from the planned route. Under these conditions the VIP’s security team cannot properly assess and carry a complete scan of the arena to which the VIP is going to, clearing it from all possible threats, especially when walking between crowded audience.

Providing a hermetic and unremitting close protection to the VIP is the soft underbelly of any security plan. While the VIP will be protected from assassination attempt, the entire entourage, with the VIP included, is not protected from pre-loaded RC-IED’s and from drone strikes from the air.

Netline offers an integrated solution, offering countermeasures against both RCIED and drones, by creating a “protection dome” around the VIP’s entourage, denying any unwanted communication (RF signals) that may trigger and operate such remotely controlled threats.

Netline’s man-portable systems are carried by a single person (by the VIP security team), allowing secure out-of-route movement (on-the-move operation) of the protectee and his/her entourage, even in complex arenas, without a preliminary scan and clearance of the route.

The system is activated easily, with simple operation & maintenance and hot swappable batteries to maximize system’s availability with no downtime.

Portable drone detection capability is available, allowing on-demand jamming, providing tactical C-drone protection as well as increasing system’s availability.

Man-Pack C-IED
Man-Pack Counter Drone

VIP Security
VIP Security

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