About Netline

Innovative Spectrum Dominance

Netline Communications Technologies was established in 1998 and since then has provided innovative electronic warfare solutions for armies, governments, and homeland security organizations worldwide. We are experts in tactical spectrum dominance solutions to protect our clients across all fronts, in the air, at sea, or on land.

As a technology-focused company, we develop and manufacture all our products in-house, under strict quality and military standards, and we deliver under a strict timeline with full post-sale support. This holistic process allows us to provide you with top-notch solutions that will meet all your requirements – fully.

Broad Counter IED protection

One of Netline’s flagship products is the C-Guard series, known for its vast defence abilities against improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The C-Guard series dominate the spectrum effectively, blocking any communication transmits on frequencies that may activate IEDs.

The C-Guard is available in multiple configurations, from powerful vehicle-mounted systems to a light manpack form.

Full shield from threatening drones

In addition to the C-Guard series, Netline developed the DroneNet series, which specializes in counter-drone solutions. Today, the company’s innovative developments can identify, locate, track and block drones that threaten highly secure areas such as airports, prisons, intelligence facilities, military bases, guard posts, VIP conventions and more.

Our DroneNet products are multi-layered and can be customized and integrated into other systems according to operational needs– enabling complete protection at all fronts.

Communication jamming

Netline’s spectrum dominance is also reflected through the ability to jam all forms of communication devices. Our advanced high-tech products are used for security purposes by state organizations worldwide, in prisons and battlefields, as well as in remote operations carried by various warfare platforms, including mini-UAVs in the sky and heavy vehicles on land.

Proven effectiveness

Since its inception, Netline has stood for excellence and quality in developing and supplying the most advanced products in the field of electronic warfare, proving itself every day all over the world.

We meet the strictest demands of military environmental standards – so all our products are battle-proof and safe to use, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, protecting ground and front-line troops, and supporting law enforcement and homeland security missions worldwide.

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