Netline provides prison authorities with effective, reliable, and proven tools to control the illicit use of smuggled cell phones. Inmates use cell phones to run crime and terror operations, obstruct investigations, coordinate escape attempts, riots, and to threaten guards and innocent civilians.

Netline’s C-Block system is operational since 2003 and has been selected and successfully deployed in prison facilities locally and globally. The system can be used in similar facilities such as secure compounds and other critical infrastructures.

The C-Block system offers a two-level solution for simple, intuitive, and effective communication control in prison: the first level is a Centralized Management & Control tool, Netline’s proprietary C&C application, the NCC. The NCC is the front-end of the C-Block solution, being the main interface of the system for the End-User.

The second level is comprised of multiple jamming cabinets deployed in the facility, all connected to the NCC. The C-Block jammer is a modular jamming cabinet, designed to block cellular & Wi-Fi communication, supporting multiple frequency bands and high transmission power. The system transmits jamming signals disabling communications between cellular phones used inside the facility and the surrounding cellular base stations.

Our prison solutions begin with a complete site survey and custom designed systems for each prison in order to optimize coverage, minimize signal spillage and interference outside the boundaries of the facility. Local radiation safety requirements are taken carefully into account. Netline’s prison jammers and cell phone control solutions have been selected and successfully deployed in numerous of prison facilities all over the world.

Cellular Jamming
Drone Detection & Mitigation

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