C-Block & DroneNet Prison Spectrum Protection

Counter Drones and Cellular Jamming in Prisons

Netline combines its main spectrum dominance capabilities to offer prisons around the world full solution to prevent cellular and Wi-Fi or other forms of communication inside the facility, integrated with complete detection and mitigation of drones entering the prison surroundings.

This holistic solution is achieved by deployment of jamming cabinets and DroneNet sensors in strategic spots in and around the prison, providing full coverage and minimal spillage of the blocking signals. Each jamming cabinet contains four high-power transmission modules to cover different frequency bands – creating a modular system allowing rapid repair, easy maintenance, and future upgrades. 

The counter-drone part of the solution is offered in two different concepts: 

  1. Constant jamming of the surrounding prison’s airspace – preventing drones from entering the area at all times.
  2. Detection-based jamming – The DroneNet sensors analyse the spectrum, and jamming is triggered only upon drone detection. This technique minimalises blocking signals broadcasted outside the facility.

Co-Existence of Cellular & Drone Jammers

Netline’s C-Block and DroneNet systems are designed to coexist without conflict – providing the best holistic solution for prisons worldwide. Although both systems are based on radio frequency jamming, our innovative technology and adaptive deployment strategy ensure the optimal operation of both systems in tandem.

For more information regarding Netline’s cellular jamming solution >> 

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Management & Control Software

Netline’s Control Centre (NCC) connects all cabinets and enables monitoring and controlling of all components individually or as a whole. It grants a complete overview of the managed sites on either a local or statewide network level. The jammers are presented on a map for live tracking of status and alerts, including reports, failure audio alarms and events log files.

Our Prison Solution Main Advantages:

  • Based on Netline’s field-proven technology with over 20 years of experience.
  • Effective full cellular and Wi-Fi jamming across the prison site.
  • Complete drone detection and mitigation to block drones approaching the prison surroundings.
  • Minimal spillage of blocking signals outside the prison area.
  • Modular system for a quick repair, maintenance, or future upgrades with nearly zero system downtime.


System Features:

  • Four high-power transmission modules to cover different frequency bands. 
  • Available in all cellular bands, ISM bands & commercial drone frequencies.
  • Ability to set & alter different in-band power densities for different frequency segments.
  • Designed to operate 24/7 in harsh environmental conditions (IP66).
  • Over temp and low power alarm and protection.
  • Works in temperatures of –20°C to +55°C.


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