IEDs’ & Drones’ Integrated Solution for Convoy Protection

VIPs on the move, military convoys or security escorts require full IED and hostile drones’ protection, to isolate them from unexpected threats. Netline integrated solution for convoy protection is based on our vehicle mounted powerful system that jams all relevant frequencies of IED and drone threats and can also identify and locate drones in the surrounding area. 

Netline’s C-Guard and DroneNet vehicle mounted systems can be operated as part of a motorcade, or on a single vehicle (Seld-Protection). 

Our solution is hybrid and can be installed as a combination of counter IEDs and counter drones, or separately – according to mission type and relevant threats. 

Addressing New Emerging Threats

Netline’s C-Guard systems are based on over a decade of battle-proven technology, creating a safe protective dome for the convoy while it is on the move. Alongside the DroneNet series, it addresses new emerging threats and allows full coverage defence. 

All our products are Mil-Std compliant and withstand harsh environmental and road conditions.

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