Integrated Solution for Convoy Protection

Netline’s vehicle mounted jamming systems protect senior VIPs, whether commuting as part of a motorcade, or as a single vehicle (Seld-Protection) requires protection.

Netline offers an integrated solution for both securing the airspace around the convoy from drone intrusion, and for securing the convoy’s route from remote detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Netline’s vehicle mounted (VM) C-IED system, the C-Guard VM, provides protection against RCIED by continuously transmitting jamming signals as the convoy is in transit, in a radius of hundreds of meters. While the C-Guard VM system protects the convoy on land, Netline’s C-Drone system, the DroneNet (jamming segment only), provides aerial protection, denying drones’ attacks and/or intelligence gathering.

In the event of multiple threats (drone swarms) the system executes simultaneous jamming, of multiple drones & RCIEDs.

The systems can be adjusted to civilian vehicles with installation architecture focused on achieving low-profile operation and maximum comfort for passengers.

Netline’s optional add-on, the “NetLink” system, provides cellular connectivity through jamming for the protectee, without compromising the operation.

The C-Guard VM – Vehicle Mounted Counter IED System

Netline offers a complete line of RCIED jamming systems, the C-Guard Family, with a variety of solutions suited to the ever-changing operational environments.

The C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) systems are available in both mounted and dismounted configurations for providing both on-the-move and provisional protection. Designed to support VIP security missions, the systems can be adjusted to suit civilian arenas and targets, achieving low-profile operation.

The C-Guard vehicular system offers a rugged Convoy and/or Self-Protection system able to withstand harsh environmental and road conditions, in compliance with rigid military standards (MIL-STD-810).

Vehicular C-IED

The DroneNet Jammer – Vehicle Mounted Counter Drone System

The DroneNet VM Jammer is based on the same building blocks of Netline’s reliable jamming systems, which have been operational for over two decades.

The DroneNet system, in its vehicle mounted configuration, is a Counter-Drone solution providing on-the-move protection for a variety of applications and operational scenarios such as VIP’s motorcade, military convoy, security escort, etc. The system is ruggedized and designed to withstand harsh environmental and road conditions, meeting the operational needs of both military & HLS applications.

Vehicular Counter Drone

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