Cellular Connectivity through Jamming

The NetLink System – Mitigating Multiple RF In-band Interferences

Netline’s NetLink is designed to mitigate in-band spectral interference harming your cellular network performance.

For any 3G/4G BTS, NetLink maximizes performance and KPI’s, restores user experience according to network radio planning and builds a network that is resilient to any in-band interference.

Netline’s NetLink is designed for tactical LTE deployments (by military, rescue forces and HLS organizations), to maximize performance where no radio planning or spectral surveys apply.

In VIP security applications, NetLink ensures cellular connectivity simultaneous with RC IED counter measures (Jammers) protection.

Netline’s NetLink is a field proven, plug-and-play, in-band interference cancellation solution. NETLINK provides uplink (BTS side) and/or downlink (user side) protection

Netlink for VIP/Handset 

VIP Convoy Security with Connectivity

Jamming systems protect VIP convoys by blocking the RF spectrum to stop hostile detonation of IEDs. The trade off in the past was that connection with the outside world was also blocked by jammer transmissions. To use a cellphone meant that the protective RC-IED solution had to be disarmed temporarily, exposing the VIP and convoy to risk. Today, NetLink’s innovative technology performs In-band interference cancellation of jammer output to enable the VIP a personal open channel. With NetLink, the VIP can use his/her cellphone without any restrictions while the spectrum remains securely blocked for all other receivers in the protected coverage area.

Netlink for VIP: Clear Cellular Channel without the Risk 

NetLink is installed easily in any VIP vehicle. Plug and Play integration is simple for all handsets / mobile devices. 

  1. Provides cellular connectivity while protecting against RC-IED
  2. Provides Voice & Data connectivity
  3. Easily installed in any vehicle, supports all  MOs



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