Residential Protection

Stationary Counter Drone Defense in Sensitive Compounds

Securing VIPs in their private premise can be quite challenging, trying to achieve optimal performance with minimal interferences to the environment. Security systems are permanently installed at the protectee residence, managed & monitored by a central command center, trying to thwart drone intrusion attempts to the secured airspace for whether for attack mission or intelligence gathering & privacy invasion. 

Residential protection
Residential protection

The DroneNet Platform – Concept of Operation

Netline’s DroneNet system, in its stationary configuration, is installed at VIP residences providing a holistic counter drone defense, with detection, identification & mitigation of the threat, as well as central 24/7 monitoring.

The system components are usually installed on the rooftop and/or along the surrounding fences and walls.

With 24/7 passive detection, the system detects & identifies the drone before intruding critical airspace. Identification is based on the drone’s spectral signature only, with nearly no false alarms.

Upond detection of a new threat/drone, DroneNet’s Direction-Finder (DF) sensors tracks & reports the location of the detected threat, and alert is sent to the security team by the system’s central C&C, enabling an appropriate response time. Once the potential intruder has been tracked and located, the system’s mitigation segment initiates targeted jamming by directing the nearest jammer towards the threats, achieving maximum efficiency.

Stationary Counter Drone

The DroneNet – Multilayered Counter Drone System

As the DroneNet platform provide 24/7, multi-layered counter drone solution in a radius of several Km from the protected premise, real-time intelligence snapshot is provided continuously, by the system’s C&C, with detected threats displayed on an interactive map for rapid decision making.  

The system is based on a modular architecture, with each module being a self-contained element, for quick field repair and maintenance and facilitating frequencies update of future threats. The modules are installed in outdoor cabinets, designed to work 24/7 in harsh weather conditions meeting the strictest environmental standards. 

Drone Detection

Drone Tracking

Drone Jamming

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