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Safeguarding Sensitive Compounds: The Crucial Role of Counter-Drone Defence

In an age characterized by rapid technological advancement, drones have become a new challenging growing security threat to the protection of VIPs in their private areas. The pervasive use of unauthorized drones raises a significant security concern and the need for new counter-drone solutions to protect sensitive facilities from potential threats.

The Essential Need of Counter-Drone Systems for Residential Protection

 Residential protection from drones has become an increasingly relevant concern as drone technology has made more accessible to the public. Drones can infiltrate the airspace above a facility and being used for various purposes, including photography, surveillance, personal information gathering, and pose potential privacy and security risks.

Counter-drone systems are essential to secure sensitive compounds and prevent privacy invasion to VIP areas. Those systems detect, track, and neutralize unauthorized drones, ensuring the comprehensive defence of sensitive facilities against potential threats. Utilizing signal jamming and disruption technologies interferes with the communication between a drone and its operator, rendering it ineffective. These anti-drone measures are crucial for neutralizing potential threats.

The DroneNet – Multilayered Counter Drone Solution for Secure Compound

Netline’s DroneNet system, in its stationary configuration, can be installed at sensitive compounds and VIP residences. The system provides a holistic counter-drone defence, with detection, identification & mitigation (jamming) of the threat. The system components are usually installed on the rooftop and/or along the surrounding fences and walls.

A central 24/7 monitoring of the system detects & identifies the drone before it intrudes into critical airspace. The identification is based on the drone’s spectral signature, with nearly zero false alarms.
Upon detection of a new drone, DroneNet’s Direction-Finder (DF) sensors track & report the location of the detected threat, and an alert is sent to the security team by the system’s central C&C, enabling an appropriate response time. Once the potential intruder has been tracked and located, the system’s mitigation segment initiates targeted jamming by directing the nearest jammer towards the threats, achieving maximum efficiency.

The anti-drone system is based on a modular architecture, with each module being a self-contained element for quick field repair and maintenance and facilitating frequencies update of future threats. The modules are installed in outdoor cabinets, designed to work 24/7 in harsh weather conditions, meeting the strictest environmental standards.

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for counter-drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

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