Counter IED for EOD Squads

C-Guard Micro – Portable & Compact Jamming Unit

EOD units play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of military personnel, civilians, and critical infrastructure in both combat zones and civilian environments. Part of these special units’ technics are based on radio frequency jamming – creating a safer environment for them to operate in. 

Netline’s C-Guard Micro is an immediate, tactical, full-coverage jamming unit for military forces and law enforcement agencies to support bomb disposal squads during EOD missions.

The C-Guard Micro is based on the C-Guard family’s proven, reliable, and advanced technology to counter remotely controlled explosive devices. It is exceptionally small, weighing approximately 2.5kg, allowing maximum agility when access is time-crucial, limited, or possible only via staircases.


Ability to Jam IEDs on an EOD Robot

The C-Guard Micro can be carried on an EOD robot, creating a safer environment for the teams in the arena. 

Due to Netline’s clean spectral and SDR-based operation feature, when utilized with an EOD robot, the system facilitates remote operation mode, switching the jammer on and off, adjusting the mission profile, suspending its activation, and more. The result is full interoperability between the C-Guard Micro and the robot, reassuring efficient and effective operation. 


Maximum Defence in a Compact Unit

Designed specifically for EOD teams, the C-Guard Micro provides tactical and effective cover in a wide range of frequencies from VHF up to 6GHz, in a very small and lightweight unit. 

The system works on an external rechargeable battery that enables an operating time of an hour or by an external power source – such as the bomb disposal robot, allowing the team the time required to neutralize the threat while maintaining force protection.

Based on Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform, the C-Guard Micro enables constant updates, flexibility and adaptability to the customer’s specific requirements. 


C-Guard Micro Main Features:

  • Full coverage jamming capabilities in a compact, lightweight unit.
  • It can be carried on an EOD robot for maximum security for the EOD team. 
  • Supports remote operation enabling switching the system on & off and changing the mission profile in real time.


C-Guard Micro Additional Benefits:

  • A ruggedized Mil-Std system, resistant to harsh environmental conditions.
  • Based on Netline’s SDR technology.
  • Available in multiple configurations according to bomb disposal mission requirements.
  • Up to one hour of work time with an external rechargeable battery.

The C-Guard Micro 3 Configurations:

The C-Guard Micro is offered in three configurations having two or three channels, providing full coverage:

  • VHF to 2,700MHz – 2 bands.
  • All cellular and Wi-Fi coverage (700MHz to 6GHz) – 2 bands.
  • Full coverage, from VHF up to 6GHz – 3 bands.

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