C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Vehicular System

A Powerful Vehicle Mounted Counter IEDs & Drones

Netline’s Vehicle Mounted jamming solutions protect military and VIP convoys by preventing remote radio detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and hostile drones, creating a safe route for the convoy as it is on the move.

Our highly flexible and resilient system provides continuous jamming at all frequency ranges between 20MHz and 8GHz – with reactive and active protection according to the mission’s needs.

The C-Guard RJ Vehicle Mounted consist of four (4) up to twelve (12) independent modules that can slide in and out of their slots and cover a different frequency band on a specific power output level. Replacement of the modules is extremely simple and can be carried out by the operating teams (O-level) with nearly zero down time of the system.


Technology That Fits Your Needs

The technology of the C-Guard RJ Vehicle Mounted is based on Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform enabling constant updates, adaptation of the system to the customer’s specific requirements and the spectral characteristics of the arena.

Netline also offers a complementary protection suite for VIP security and convoy on the move. Our technology enables safe travel by blocking IEDs and hostile drones from threatening the surroundings of VIPs and their entourage.

Interested in a VIP Protection Suite? >>


C-Guard Vehicle-Mounted Main Features:

  • Reactive (or hybrid) protection with full coverage in the range of 20MHz – 8GHz, including VHF / UHF, all cellular standards, Wi-Fi and satellite phones. 
  • Compact and lightweight modular system with sliders that can slide in and out of their slots.
  • Each module is a self-contained independent jammer for full flexibility and no downtime in the field.


C-Guard Vehicle-Mounted Additional Benefits:

  • Based on Netline’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) the C-Guard Vehicle-Mounted is fully programmable, adaptable and supports a wide range of mission profiles.
  • Each of the system’s modules can be loaded with multiple jamming profiles, covering different bands. 
  • Electromagnetic & radio interference compatibility to ensure full communication between the forces in the field.
  • MIL-STD compliant to withstand harsh environmental conditions (see below).
  • GPS time synchronization to enable cooperation between multiple C-Guard units in the arena.
  • No periodic maintenance is needed.
  • Zeroize function to wipe sensitive data from the system.
  • The chassis is shock mounted to protect it from rough road conditions encountered in operational environments.
  • Easily upgradeable to support emerging threats and new frequencies.
  • Tablet-based or remote-control unit to choose between mission profiles (IED, Drones or combined mode).

MIL-STD-810F/G Compliance:

Temp. (501.5, 502.5), Vibrations (514.6), Rain (506.5), Humidity (507.5), Dust (510.5),
Sand (510.5)

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