Vehicular Counter IED

C-Guard Reactive Jamming (RJ) Vehicular System

Netline’s Vehicle Mounted (VM) jamming systems protect military and VIP convoys by preventing remote radio detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and creating a safe route for the convoy as it is on-the-move.

Netline’s VM system is highly flexible and resilient, providing continuous reactive coverage between 25MHz and 6GHz to counter an extensive range of threats. The system constantly scans the spectrum and responds to threats by focusing the jamming signal & power, thus overpowering, and defeating the threat.

The C-Guard RJ VM enclosure concept consists of four (4) to twelve (12) independent modules that can slide in and out of their slots in the system chassis. Each module covers a different frequency band and accordingly has its own power output level.

The system is based on an SDR (Software Defined Radio) platform, enabling adaptation of the solution according to the customer’s specific requirements and the spectral characteristics of the arena.
Utilizing SDR technology provides simple support and first line maintenance.

Netline offers a complementary protection suite for VIP security and Convoy Protection. We offer a unique solution to enable VIP’s communication through jamming, using their personal cell phone inside the vehicle, while the cellular jamming band for all other devices is jammed by the system. 

The C-Guard VM is easily upgradeable to support emerging threats and new frequencies. The system is fully compliant with military environmental requirements, international quality standards and requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and long-life cycles. The system chassis is shock mounted to protect it from rough road conditions which can be encountered in operational environments.

Main Features

  • Active / Reactive/Hybrid  jamming technologies (See Below “Jamming Modes”)
  • MIL-STD compliant to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • EMI/RFI compatibility
  • Human radiation safety standards
  • SDR based, fully programmable, supporting wide range of mission profiles
  • System can be adapted to support low-profile operation
  • Simple maintenance and support procedures, no periodic maintenance needed.

Jamming Modes


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