Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

The strategic and tactical warfare environment is changing rapidly in the past few decades. 

As the world gone digital, Improvised Explosive Device  (IED) threats used by adversaries keep evolving and impose immense challenges to Elite forces, whether military or Police, SWAT teams, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) teams and more. 

Unconventional explosive weapon, such as IED, has become a fact of modern conflict. 

Advanced EOD capabilities have a crucial role in dealing with both terrorist and criminal activities and defending state forces & civilians.  

The IED threat has reached a peak during the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars when military service members faced widespread, easily constructed yet lethal remotely controlled IED’s. 

Netline offers a wide range of counter RC- IED jamming systems, suitable for EOD operators, whether for military or HLS organizations. Our systems can include pre-initiation, hybrid active/reactive capabilities and other advanced features. Netline’s software defined jammer technology enables interoperability with other communication devices, supports definition of communication windows and generating jamming mission profiles, streamlining waveform strategies to match mission requirements.

Remotely preventing IED activation attempts, while ensuring the safety of all parties involved and preventing casualties is the main goal of Bomb Disposal Operators. 

Netline’s rapid deployment reactive jamming system, enables the EOD operators, SWAT teams, Elite forces and other forces sent to the frontline to conduct some of the state forces’ most dangerous jobs, as safely as possible providing them a secured zone in real time. 

Portable Counter Drone System

Bomb Disposal (EOD)


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