Drone Detection

Customized Drone Detection Solutions

Netline’s DroneNet series provides complete protection against drone threats and is designed to detect, locate, track, and mitigate sUAS threats. 

The drone detection phase is crucial when choosing a counter-drone system. Our versatile detection abilities are fully customizable to meet clients’ operational needs – whether it’s a mounted, rapid deployment, manpack, or stationary configuration, we’ve got you covered.

Hybrid Detection for Elusive Threats

Addressing the rapid changes in drone threats, Netline has added non-database detection to its capabilities, presenting a new hybrid approach to one of the most elusive threats in current conflict areas.  Our new development is designed to detect threats in the covered area, including standard, non-standard, and DIY drones.

This hybrid algorithm combines spectral signature analysis along with Netline’s unique technology to specify common characteristics of drones. Working together, these two methods provide us with a broad image of the airspace, ensuring a complete detection phase in the counter-drone mission.   

When using database detection, the drone is not only detected but also identified by its data-link type. The identification of Non-standard drones is supported by providing the user with key characteristics of the drone’s datalink. 

Passive, Wide-Band and Easily Integrated Detection

This fully passive drone detection technique is based on continuous analysis of all radio transmissions in the relevant bands. Combined with DroneNet’s Tracking, Localization, and Mitigation segments, our solution provides a holistic solution to counter all forms of drones. 

Being completely passive, our sensors are undetectable and are easily integrated and operated, providing continuous aerial situational awareness of potential threats. Netline’s detection systems cover all drones’ standard bands: 400, 800, 900MHz, 2.4, 5.1, and 5.8GHz and also non-standard bands with our wide-band SDR receivers.

Netline drone detection sensors are designed to cooperate with other third-party systems. They are easily transportable, can be quickly deployed by tactical forces, and operate in harsh weather conditions to meet military standards and requirements. 

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