Drone Detection and Mitigation for Prison

Counter Drone Protection – Prison Solution

A Counter-Drone System in prisons is a technological solution designed to detect, track, and mitigate unauthorized drones activities in and around correctional facilities. Drones pose a significant security threat to prisons since they can be used for various illicit activities, including smuggling contrabands into prison (mobile phones, weapons, drugs, escape tools etc.), conducting surveillance, or even facilitating escape attempts. 

The use of commercial drones for illegal purposes has skyrocketed in recent years, forcing prison authorities to face security challenges not only on land but also from air. Implementing a Counter-Drone System helps prisons maintain a secure environment by preventing the misuse of drones.

Prison Drone Detection & Mitigation
Prison Drone Detection & Mitigation

Drone Detection and Mitigation Systems at Prison Facilities

Deployment of drone detection and drone mitigation systems at prison facilities represents a proactive approach to enhancing security in the face of evolving technological challenges. By combining advanced technologies with strategic operational measures, prisons can better safeguard their compound and wardens, mitigate potential threats, and maintain the security and integrity of the facility.

Netline provides prison authorities with customized solutions for preventing the illicit use of contrabands. Integrating Netline’s Counter-Drone technology into our C-Block prison solution, provides a holistic approach that can secure the entire facility. Full spectrum security, capable of efficiently denying the use of drones and communication devices (cellular, wi-fi, etc.) in and around prisons, can be achieved only by using a multi-layered defence system, combining cellular communications jamming and drone countermeasures.

Netline’s Anti-Drone Prison Solution

Netline’s DroneNet system, in its fixed Installation configuration, is a stationary Counter-Drone solution designed to provide a dual-layered defence for Detection & Identification and

of hostile drones. The DroneNet sensor and jamming cabinet create a sterile airspace around the prison structure while maintaining a “safety zone” in a radius of hundreds of meters from the prison structure, into which unauthorized drones cannot intrude.

Netline’s comprehensive prison solution has been chosen and effectively deployed in correctional facilities worldwide. Key advantages of Netline’s holistic approach to achieving full-spectrum dominance include:

  1. Holistic Mission Management & Monitoring: This encompasses both mission management and system maintenance.
  2. Prison Perimeter Counter Drone Protection: The DroneNet system is employed to establish secure airspace around the prison, effectively thwarting any attempts of drone intrusion.
  3. Facility-Wide Communication Jamming: The C-Block System is utilized to deny and jam cellular and Wi-Fi communications within the prison, ensuring comprehensive communication control.

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for counter-drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

prison Drone Detection & Mitigation

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