Communication Jamming

Communication Jamming on Land and Naval 

Radio frequency communication is an essential method for crucial coordination between forces in the field and their headquarters. Cellular phones, point-to-point radios and other communication tools enable synchronization among team members enhancing their ability to work cohesively and facilitate real-time information exchange. 

Wireless radio devices are constantly evolving technologically and are inseparable part of any conflict area or war zone. In order to create a significate advantage on the battlefield, armies must use advanced technology and disrupt the fluent communication between the forces at all relevant devices.


Detect and Block Radio Signals

Netline Communication Technologies specializes in electronic warfare communication blocking, delivering jamming systems since 2003. Our specialty in spectrum dominance enables the jamming of all communication devices in land and naval with a frequency range of 20MHz up to 8GHz, including VHF / UHF, all cellular standards, Wi-Fi and satellite phones. 

Our advanced high-tech com-jam products are used in remote operations as stand-off technology, carried by various warfare platforms, including heavy vehicles and tactical communication trailers on land or warships at sea. 

By monitoring and analyzing radio frequency signals, our systems can detect and jam enemies’ radio devices, neutralize their communication capabilities, and disrupt their C2 networks. These countermeasures are crucial in war zones and conflict areas.


Technology That Matches Your Needs

Based on Netline’s software-defined radio (SDR) technology, our solutions enable flexibility and interoperability with other communication devices, support the definition of communication windows, generate jamming mission profiles and match mission requirements. 

Netline’s communication jamming systems can be deployed on various platforms according to operational requirements and operate as a stand-off weapon against the enemy’s communication channels. Our product lines are military standard compliant and can be adjusted to customer needs and specifications, fully adapting to the region’s regulations and compliances. 

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Good To Know:

Our Woodpecker communication jamming capabilities are available in a variety of form factors according to specific customer demands – from miniaturized UAV payloads to 19″ racks. The system can be installed in either ground, vehicular, shipborne, or airborne platforms according to power and mission needs.

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