Kingfisher – A Compact Bomb Initiator

One of the greatest dangers for ground forces in battle zones is explosive devices scattered along their path, waiting to be detonated. Netline’s C-Guard Kingfisher is designed to remotely initiate DTMF-activated bombs before entering a specific area – providing safer passage for forces in battle zones. 

This solution is based on Netline’s proprietary, field-proven Software Defined Radio (SDR). It uses a sophisticated DTMF initiator with a unique method of transmitting in all frequencies simultaneously, reducing the initiation cycle to a minimum. The SDR technology enables flexibility and adaptability of the system and ensures a simple configuration by dedicated software to meet different operational requirements. 

Seamless Integration into any Netline System

The Kingfisher’s unique mechanism enables seamless integration into any Netline system, transforming the entire hardware into a versatile explosive device initiator. Therefore, it is available in various forms, including a lightweight backpack and vehicle-mounted or rapid deployment systems. 

The system is fully programable, enabling the user to configure any PL/DTMF code and different mission cycles with dedicated, intuitive software. According to operational requirements, various missions can be preloaded and configured to allow the end user to change in the field. 

The C-Guard Kingfisher requires a single wideband antenna that supports all frequency ranges.

Main Features:

  • Continuous frequency coverage of 25-520MHz. 
  • Based on SDR, it is fully programable.
  • Transmitting at all the frequency ranges at once- Low cycle/mission time. 
  • Dedicated SW to configure DTMF/PL codes/sequences/missions.  
  • Compact, lightweight, portable. 
  • Single antenna for all the frequency ranges. 
  • Rugged and designed for harsh environmental conditions (MIL-STD 810G).

The C-Guard Micro 3 Configurations:

The C-Guard Micro is offered in three configurations having two or three channels, providing full coverage:

  • VHF to 2,700MHz – 2 bands.
  • All cellular and Wi-Fi coverage (700MHz to 6GHz) – 2 bands.
  • Full coverage, from VHF up to 6GHz – 3 bands.

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