Stationary Counter Drone

Counter Drone Solution for Strategic Infrastructures

Netline’s DroneNet fixed Installation offers a multi-layered, counter drone solution for Detection & Identification, Tracking and Mitigation of hostile drones trying to intrude protected airspace. The system is designed to provide the end-user with real-time situational awareness, protecting critical infrastructures.

DroneNet Fixed Installation – System Overview

The use of drones for different attack missions is increasing sharply, posing a major challenge to homeland security and secured compounds. The DroneNet Fixed Installation counter drone protective envelope consists of three defence layers: Detection & Identification, Tracking and Mitigation.
The system operates continuously in real-time 24/7, installed in strategic spots and provides full protective coverage against drones.

The DroneNet Fixed Installation is controlled by GeoDome, a comprehensive and advanced command & control platform. GeoDome manages a variety of sensors, collects data, analyzes it and yields immediately actionable insights. 

Netline’s sensors and jammers are integrated and managed, locally or remotely, by GeoDome, as well as other 3rd party components via API, such as: radars, cameras, cyber drone solutions and more.

Counter Drone Solution
Counter Drone Solution

DroneNet’s Fixed Installation Protective Layers

Drone Detection & Identification

Drone Sensing Segment – The drone detection segment is based on a network of wide band sensors deployed around the secured facility. The deployment architecture is determined according to a site inspection around the facility, identifying the optimal installation locations. 

Netline’s detection techniques are based on continuous analysis of time & frequency domains by RF sensors. Preloaded spectral signatures of commercially available drones are used as the system’s database. The DroneNet searches for activity patterns corresponding to the communication signatures of the stored drones. Once a match is found the C&C center will receive an alert, notifying a drone has been detected, as well as its type. The DroneNet’s low rate of false alarms of is achieved by using an SDR SIGINT receiver, capable of detecting drones based on their spectral signature, being completely agnostic to the drone’s data (which might be encrypted) resulting in a fast-evolving signatures database. 

Drone Tracking (Localization) 

Drone Tracking Segment – Tracking of intruder drones is achieved by utilizing Netline’s Direction-Finding (DF) sensor, continuously scanning and analysing the spectrum for drone’s spectral signatures. Drones will be detected and located immediately upon attempting to intrude the airspace set at a safe distance (few kilometers radius) from the target, linked back to a central C&C allowing to warn-off the control center and respond appropriately.

The DroneNet DF sensor calculates the direction of the threat relative to the antenna’s position, based on the signals transmitted by the drone. Measurements from two or more DF sensors, deployed in different locations, are triangulated to determine the precise location of the drone.

Drone Mitigation (Jamming) 

Drone Mitigation Segment – Upon initiation of the mitigation phase the system blocks communication between the drone and its operator, as well as the GNSS signal used by the drone. Netline’s DroneNet jammer covers all potential commercial drone frequencies:

  • Disabling the drone’s control & telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control over the drone
  • Blocking the video downlink transmission
  • Jamming the GNSS signal, disabling the drone’s navigation & stabilization capabilities

The system’s modular design enables future upgrades and insertion of additional frequencies and threats.

DroneNet’s Fixed Installation Main Features

  • Covers all drone threats simultaneously;
    400, 800, 900MHz, GNSS, 2.4, 5.1, 5.8GHz
  • Passive detection and localization
  • Effective and real-time smart jamming 
  • Does not require line of sight to the drone
  • Operates 24/7, in outdoor environmental conditions (IP66)
  • Simple API to support Integration to 3rd party C&C systems 

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for counter-drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

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