Communication Jamming

Communication Jamming

Based on a head of its time technology, in-depth research into electronic warfare and advanced RF communication techniques, Netline is one of the industry leaders in providing  jamming solutions and cell phone blockers since 1998.

As wireless radio devices continue to evolve technologically, law enforcement and homeland security agencies around the world must maintain advanced operational capabilities taking under account current and future threats.

Netline communication jamming systems block RF communications and isolate arenas targeting cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Walkie/Talkie and all other wireless communication frequencies from 20-6000 MHz. Our communication jamming systems can be used for various applications and can be deployed in many configurations according to the changing operational environment on land, naval and airborne.

Communication Jamming Software 

Netline’s software defined jamming technology enables interoperability with other communication devices, supports definition of communication windows and generating jamming mission profiles, streamlining waveform strategies to match mission requirements.

Netline’s communication jamming systems are currently deployed worldwide, in both urban areas and harsh environments, incorporating different output power levels, from low power up to very high output systems. 

Mini & Tactical UAS

Land & Naval

communication jamming

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