VIP Protection during Public Appearances and Mass Events

VIP protection during public appearances, such as political rallies, national sports events, cultural events and more, involves a comprehensive strategy to ensure the safety and security of the VIP. This protection extends from the ground and the sky, considering potential threats from various sources.

Many factors and elements need to be considered – the type of event, estimated number of participants, risk assessment, terrain characteristics analysis, access roads, operational planning, and many more. The security team must analyse, assess and plan a comprehensive & tight security plan, making sure the VIP is not exposed to threats of any kind, whether they emerge from the ground (i.e. RC-IEDs) or from the sky (drones) throughout their entire route to and from the area in risk.

Safeguarding Mass Events: The Role of Counter Drone Solutions

With the rise of commercial drones, the security landscape at such events has become more complex. Unauthorized drone flights pose potential threats, ranging from privacy concerns to security risks. Deploying counter-drone solutions has become imperative to address these challenges and ensure the safety and security of attendees and organizers.

As technology continues to advance, so do the capabilities of drones and the challenges they pose at mass events. By staying at the forefront of technology and adopting a multi-layered approach that combines detection, tracking, and jamming, the security team can ensure the safety of attendees. Counter-drone solutions often utilize radio frequency (RF) jamming to disable drones in restricted areas. These technologies can neutralize potential threats by disrupting the drone’s and its operator’s communication.

Netline’s Counter Drone Systems for Perimeter Security

Netline’s holistic approach to VIP protection offers an integrated solution for ensuring the safety of the VIP during public appearances at mass events. The Portable Counter-Drone Solution for rapid deployment protects VIPs during public appearances, even in dense urban environments.

Before the arrival of the VIP to the arena, the DroneNet RD system is deployed quickly and easily, creating secured airspace in a radius of up to 3 km from the VIP and the targeted area. A safety zone of up to one (1) km from the target (may vary) is maintained, enabling an appropriate alert & response time. The system is comprised of small form-factor equipment that does not require long, cumbersome installation.

The DroneNet Rapid Deployment (RD)

The DroneNet RD consists of two main segments, providing three anti-drone protection layers – the detection and tracking segment (Direction-Finding Sensor) and the jamming segment. Each of the segments can be deployed and function as a stand-alone system.

Once the Detection & tracking sensor detects a new threat and an alert has been given in the system C&C along with the location of the threat, the jamming segment will automatically initiate directional jamming, resulting in a lower spectral footprint.

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for Counter-Drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for counter-drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

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