VIP Protection during Public Appearance

Personal protection of a VIP during mass events such as Political rallies, national sports events, cultural events and more, is an extremely complex undertaking in the VIP’s security plan.

Many factors and elements need to be taken under consideration – the type of event, estimated number of participants, risk assessment, terrain characteristics analysis, access roads and operational planning and many more.

The security team must analyze, assess and plan a comprehensive & tight security plan, making sure the VIP is not exposed to threats of any kind, whether they emerge from the ground (i.e. RC-IEDs) or from the sky (drones), throughout his/her entire route to and from the area in risk.

Netline’s holistic approach for VIP protection offers an integrated solution for ensuring the safety of the VIP during public appearance in mass events.

Portable Counter Drone Defense for Perimeter Security

Netline’s Portable C-Drone solution for rapid deployment provides low-profile protection to VIPs during public appearance in dense urban environments.

Prior to the arrival of the VIP to the arena, the DroneNet RD system is deployed quickly and easily, creating a secured airspace in a radius of up to 3 km from the VIP and the targeted area. A safety zone of up to one (1) km from the target (may vary) is maintained, enabling an appropriate alert & response time.

The system is comprised of a small form-factor equipment which does not require long, cumbersome installation.

The DroneNet RD consists of two main segments, providing three anti drone protection layers – the detection & tracking segment (Direction-Finding Sensor) and the jamming segment. Each of the segments can be deployed and function as a stand-alone system.

Drone Detection

Drone Tracking

Drone Jamming

Several operational conceptions of perimeter security are supported by the system:

  • User Triggered Jamming– the system operator decides on jamming slots ad-hoc, whether it is detection-based jamming, or throughout the entire duration of the event.

This methodology does not necessarily require a detection sensor. In this case the entire safety radius will be jammed, denying any unwanted communication. Jamming can be activated only upon the arrival of the VIP or throughout the event. This methodology usually results in higher spectral footprint.

In case a detection sensor is installed, the mission operator can activate jamming only once a threat has been detected and an alert has been given. In such case, jamming slots will be shorter. 

  • Threat Triggered Jamming – The system automatically initiates targeted jamming upon detection of a new threat.

Once the Detection & tracking sensor detects a new threat and alert has been given in the system C&C along with the location of the threat, the jamming segment will automatically initiate directional jamming, resulting in a lower spectral footprint.  

In case the operational scenario requires an accurate localization of the threat, prior to mitigation, then several sensors can be deployed, providing 3D location of the drone.

Tactical Counter Drone Defense

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