Tactical C-Drone Defense for Frontline Forces 

Netline’s ManPack DroneNet platform offers a two-layered, counter drone solution for Detection and Mitigation of hostile drones, carried on a single back-backed unit by the frontline forces. 

The DroneNet system is, in fact, creating a virtual protection dome over the tactical forces, preventing unauthorized drones to compromise the forces in action. 

The DroneNet ManPack 

Detection & Identification 

Sensing Segment – Netline’s drone detection techniques are based on continuous analysis of time & frequency domains by RF sensors. 

Preloaded spectral signatures of all commercially available drones are used as the system’s database.  

During the detection phase, the DroneNet searches for activity patterns corresponding to the stored signatures.

Once a match is found the C4I console alerts a drone has been detected, as well as its type and controller type.

DroneNet’s low false alarm rate of is achieved by using an SDR, modular SIGINT receiver, capable of detecting drones based on their spectral signature, being completely agnostic to the drone’s protocol data (which might be encrypted or technically challenging to acquire) resulting in a fast-evolved signatures database. 


Jamming Segment – Upon detection, the drone jamming segment blocks the communication between the drone and its operator on ISM bands, as well as the GPS signal used by the drone.

Netline’s DroneNet jammer is composed of 5 bands covering all potential drone frequencies. Each band addresses a different communication channel used by the drone for a different purpose;

  • Disabling the drone’s control & telemetry channel, resulting in loss of control over the drone
  • Blocking the video downlink transmission
  •  Jamming the GPS signal, disabling the drone’s navigation & stabilization capabilitie

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