Tactical Counter Drone ManPack Solution for Frontline Forces 

The use of drones for different attack missions is increasing sharply, posing a major challenge to military, domestic law enforcement and homeland security agencies.
Netline’s DroneNet ManPack Jammer offers a counter-drone solution for mitigating hostile drones, carried on a single back-packed unit by the frontline forces. The system creates a virtual protection dome over the tactical forces, safeguarding them from hostile drones that may attempt to disrupt their operational efforts.

DroneNet ManPack Jammer

The tactical man portable anti drone system works with an omni-directional antenna, which prevents the penetrating of drones from different directions that may endanger the force in action. The system can handle multiple drones simultaneously, does not require user intervention during the mission and functions with a single On/Off button.

Drone Mitigation (Jamming)

DroneNet’s ManPack Jammer blocks the communication (such as control, telemetry and video downlink transmission) between the drone and its operator on ISM bands.

Netline’s DroneNet ManPack additionally jams GNSS signals used by drones. By disabling drones’ GNSS reception, their ability to navigate and stabilize themselves is compromised.

ManPack Counter Drone’s Main Features

  1. Covers all drone bands;
    400, 800, 900MHz, GNSS, 2.4, 5.1, 5.8GHz
  2. Simultaneously blocks multiple threats
  3. Compact, lightweight, robust design in a single backpack
  4. Operates under rough environmental conditions (MIL-STD)
  5. Hot-swappable rechargeable batteries – Allow continuous operation
  6. Compact shoulder-mounted Remote-Control Unit (RCU) 
  7. Zeroize function to delete sensitive data from the system

MIL-STD-810F/G Compliance:

Temp. (501.5, 502.5), Vibrations (514.6), Rain (506.5), Humidity (507.5), Dust (510.5), Sand (510.5)

Netline’s DroneNet product line is a holistic EW solution for Counter-Drone defence and is available in multiple configurations, systems and sub-systems alike.

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