Cellular Jamming for Prisons

Netline’s C-Block Cellular Jamming Solution 

Netline provides prison authorities with effective, reliable, and proven tools to control the illicit use of smuggled cell phones used by inmates to communicate with the outside world, plan crime and terror operations, obstruct investigations, coordinate escape attempts and riots, and threaten guards and innocent civilians.

Spectrum dominance in correctional facilities is a complex mission whose effectiveness is determined by two main elements: the jammers’ transmission power and strength and the systems’ deployment architecture throughout the prison. 

Proven Success in Prisons Worldwide Since 2003

Deploying cellular & Wi-Fi jammers in prisons requires extensive knowledge and experience to sufficiently design and install jamming systems which will demonstrate both effective coverage and, at the same time, prevent radio frequency (RF) interferences outside the prison’s walls.

Netline’s C-Block jamming solution has operated since 2003 and has successfully deployed in prison facilities worldwide. The process begins with a complete site survey and custom-designed systems for each prison to optimize coverage and minimize signal spillage and interference outside the facility’s boundaries. Local radiation safety requirements are taken carefully into account. 

A Fully Modular System for Maximum Flexibility

The C-Block is based on a modular cabinet that transmits RF jamming signals through strategically positioned antennas to deny cellular reception in a controlled area. Each module is a lightweight, independent unit – packed separately for quick repair and maintenance purposes and future upgrades of frequency bands.

The C-Block system contains multiple jamming cabinets deployed in the facility and is designed to operate 24/7 in harsh environmental conditions and to resist possible destruction attempts. 

Frequency and power outputs per jamming segment are carefully planned, enabling lower energy output per segment with greater flexibility in coverage distribution and significantly lower spillover. 

In addition, while other prison solutions may block only cellular communication, the C-Block supports multiple frequency bands and high transmission power, blocking additional communication protocols and devices such as Wi-Fi, satellite phones and other devices.

Local Site Management – Netline Control Centre (NCC)

The system is managed by Netline’s proprietary Control Centre application – the NCC. This management and control tool is the main interface of the C-Block solution for the end user and includes status reports, failure audio alarms and event logs, and the authorized personnel can easily monitor, manage, and control the jamming cabinets. 

Main Features of the NCC:

  • It allows centralized control of all cabinets in a network through a local workstation with a complete display on a map for live monitoring of status and alerts. 
  • A technician mode is available for maintenance and tier 1 support. 
  • The local server can support an API capable of interfacing with 3rd party C&C platforms. 

Statewide Network Management

In cases with a statewide network of facilities, Netline’s Control Centre can manage them all through a single workstation. An interactive map gives users an overview of all facilities in the network and their corresponding status and alerts. The map also allows zooming in on any of the facilities in the network to get a more detailed view. 

Authorization levels and permissions can be tailored to allow remote control of jamming systems in the facilities if the customer requires it. 

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