Cellular Jamming

Communication Control in Maximum Security Facilities

Spectrum Dominance in correctional facilities is a complex mission whose effectiveness is determined by two main elements: The jammers’ transmission power & strength, and the systems’ deployment architecture throughout the prison.

Deploying Cellular & Wi-Fi jammers in prison require extensive knowledge and experience to sufficiently design and install jamming systems which will demonstrate both effective coverage and at the same time prevent RF interferences outside prison walls.

Ensuring safe, accurate and efficient prison jamming is largely dependent on the ability to accurately tailor the solution architecture.

The C-Block System – Cellular Jamming Solution

The C-Block jamming cabinet transmits RF jamming signals through strategically positioned antennas in order to deny cellular reception in a controlled area. Frequency and power outputs per jamming segment are carefully planned, enabling lower energy output per segment with greater flexibility in coverage distribution and significantly lower spillover.

The C-Block jammer consists of independent, modular, and lightweight Line Replaceable Modules (LRM) which are packed separately for quick repair and maintenance purposes, as well as future upgrade of frequency bands.

The system is housed in a ruggedized outdoor cabinet designed to operate 24/7 in harsh environmental conditions and to resist possible destruction attempts. 

Local Site ManagementNetline Control Center (NCC)

Netline’s management and control tool, NCC, allows centralized control of all cabinets in a network through a local workstation. The cabinets are displayed on a map for live monitoring of status and alerts. The management software includes status reports, failure audio alarms and event logs. Authorized personnel can easily monitor, manage and control the jamming cabinets from a workstation. A technician mode is available for maintenance and tier 1 support. The local server can support an API which is capable of interfacing with 3rd party C&C platforms. All status reports and alerts can be displayed by these 3rd party platforms.

Statewide Network Management

In cases where there is a statewide network of facilities, Netline’s NCC can manage them all through a single workstation. An interactive map gives users an overview of all facilities in the network and their corresponding status and alerts. The map also allows zooming-in on any of the facilities in the network to get a more detailed view. Authorization levels and permissions can be tailored to allow remote control of jamming systems in the facilities, in case it is required by the customer.

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