The company will also display DroneNet – a man-pack system that combines drone identification and jamming, suitable for both urban and open field activities.

EUROSATORY 2018, June 11-15, Paris, Israel Pavilion, Hall 6 stand D-588

June 5, 2018. Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. – a leading producer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defense forces and homeland security agencies – will launch three innovative products at EUROSATORY 2018.

OutReach is a man-portable LTE system that creates a private data VoIP network, enabling teams in the field to connect between users and higher echelons. The system is carried in a back-pack and is easily adjusted to the specific conditions faced by the teams in the field. OutReach enables communication control, regardless of any other external network. It can be used with standard handset equipment (LTE phone or tablet), and is suitable for temporary operational deployments, such as first responders, search and rescue forces. The system is suitable for situation awareness command and control systems for the transmission of video, mapping and images between the users in the field, which can also be provided as a full solution. The system is applicable to vehicles as well.

Netline will also present Netlink at EUROSATORY. Netlink is a field-proven, plug-and-play digital In-Band interference cancellation solution. It comes in two configurations: Netlink for Base Stations and Netlink for Mobiles. Netlink for Base Stations enables the extraction of the full RF spectrum, without losses and without hardware filters which reduce the usable bandwidth. It can be used to utilize cellular coverage potential, digitally cancelling disruptors that block the base stations and protecting the base station from interference and obstructions. Netlink for Mobiles enables mobile phones to work when subject to interference or in a jammed environment. It is intended for vehicle installation and is particularly suitable for use in VIP motorcades.

“The new solutions that we are presenting at EUROSATORY are the result of developments we have devised to meet the changing needs of forces in the field, and the technological challenges of ad hoc communications in the 4th generation,” says Yallon Bahat, CEO of Netline. “These solutions enable better operational capabilities, are easier to operate by a single user, and can be integrated with Netlink to enable better control of the operational situation by isolating external threats to the base station, without the loss of usable bandwidth.”

A third product that Netline will present at EUROSATORY is the DroneNet ManPack. This portable system combines drone identification, detection and jamming capabilities and can be used in an urban environment or in the field. Having detected a drone, DroneNet identifies its specific type, its operating frequencies and more, enabling it to be blocked and its activity neutralized. The solution can be supplied in various configurations – as a carry on, vehicle mounted or as a fixed installation which is already in operational use.

About Netline Communications Technologies Ltd.

Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for the world’s leading defense forces and homeland security agencies. The company specializes in counter-IED Electronic Warfare, military/insurgency communication jamming, information security, prison cell phone control, and intelligence solutions.

Among Netline’s range of products are active and reactive RF jamming systems; vehicular, portable, stationary and rapid deployment jamming systems; mobile phone detection, jamming, monitoring, locating and interception systems. Netline’s equipment is battle-proven, with hundreds of units operating 24/7 under harsh environmental conditions, protecting ground troops and forces, and supporting law enforcement and homeland security missions worldwide

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