Man-portable COUNTER IED

Tactical C-IED Solution 

IEDs are a major threat to security forces around the world, causing heavy casualties. As this threat continues to evolve technologically, military and security forces have to maintain advanced operational capabilities, by using  IED countermeasures which are based on adaptive technology, taking under account both current and future threats.

The C-Guard RJ ManPack   

Providing ground forces with tactical, soldier-borne  Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) has always been a major challenge in the tactical arena. Constraints such as weight, battery capacity, radiation safety, antenna dimensions and more have all been factors that in the past limited the effectiveness of jamming systems  and decreased their performance. The resulting solutions have all employed two or three units to cover the entire frequency range typically required to prevent IED radio detonation, carried by several soldiers. 

Netline has been a pioneer in turning this vision into reality in the battlefield by providing an effective, safe tactical EW protection for the front-line forces. Netline’s C-Guard RJ ManPack system achieves full coverage in a single unit.

Netline’s C-Guard RJ
ManPack system utilizes Reactive Jamming (See below – “Jamming Modes”) capabilities and achieves full protection
in a portable system carried by a single war fighter, providing on-the-move
protection for the ground forces. 

The C-Guard RJ ManPack is based on a Software Defined Radio (SDR) platform using a real-time processing core to analyze the entire frequency range between 20-2700MHz or up to 5.8GHz and determine which transmissions pose a threat to the force under protection and by that enabling flexibility & adaptability to various arenas and new emerging threats.

Jamming Modes

Main Features

  • Covers all threat bands up between 20-6000MHz, including VHF/UHF, ISM, W-Fi, Cellular (2G/3G/4G)
  • Addresses multiple concurrent threats
  • Compact, lightweight rugged design, in a MIL-STD backpack
  • Rechargeable, hot swappable batteries – Allow continuous operation
  • Radiation Safety – SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) tested and qualified. 
  • Compact shoulder mounted RCU
  • Zeroize function to delete sensitive data from the system

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