Tactical Counter Drone Defense

Defending Homeland Security  

The rapid drone revolution poses a major challenge also to domestic law enforcement and homeland security.  Along with the global rise in asymmetric conflicts between state forces and terror organizations, the use of drones for different missions putting homeland security in risk, is also increasing. Whether it domestic terrorism or transnational terrorism, the engagement of drones poses a much more dynamic, complex, and unexpected threat.

Protecting VIP convoys and public appearances, crowd control, sensitive compound protection (i.e., airports, gas rigs, critical infrastructures) and other HLS missions, have become much more challenging with threats not only on land, but also from the sky.


The DroneNet Platform

Netline’s DroneNet platform offers a multi-layered, counter drone solution for Detection, Localization and Mitigation of hostile drones, providing a safe environment for strategic compounds, for police forces during different operations and for high-profile officials. The DroneNet system creates a virtual protection dome over the tactical forces, preventing unauthorized drones to compromise the target. The DroneNet sensor & jammer are installed in transportable, ruggedized trolley-style cases, for operation in harsh weather conditions meeting military standards requirements.

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